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Yamashiro area in Kyoto, where it is well known as a producer of Uji Japanese Tea, is also a producer of Kakishibu(persimmon juice). In the past, the landscape in this area was colored by tea leave and persimmons.
The persimmon trees were planted for protecting tea leave from frost in the winter.

After harvesting tea leave, unripen persimmons were also gathered and made into Kakishibu(persimmon juice).
With the wisdom of the predecessor, Kakishibu(persimmon juice) had been indispensable material in Japanese life. The Yamashiro area had been a production area of high concentrated astringent persimmons, called "Tenno persimmons", and there were many Kakishibu dealers in this area.
Today, there are only a few dealers, including us, who manufacture and sell the Kakishibu in Japan.
The astringent persimmon trees have disappeared from the tea field with the change of the times, but it is important to inherit the Japanese traditional industry of "Kakishibu".
Currently, with the cooperation of many people including the Minami-yamajo village, we launched the "Kakishibu project" and plant seedlings of astringent persimmons.

Also, we will continue to devote ourselves to providing customers with high quality Kakishibu squeezed from Tenno persimmon of Yamajo in Kyoto and other related products that make Kakishibu more familiar. We look forward to your further support in the future. Tomiyama Inc.

Representative Director HIroyo Tomiyama