About Kakishibu (persimmon tannin) paint

Since ancient times, kakishibu has contributed to the health of people as a folk medicine. People used to apply it to burns, chilblains, and athlete's food or drink it to lower high blood pressure or to cure a hangover. The leaves of persimmons are used for sushi called Kakinohazushi to prevent sushi from spoiling. These are the effects of polymeric tannin (persimmon polyphenol) contained in persimmons.

Below are the effects of kakishibu on the human body:

■ SOD effect (antioxidant effect)

It is said that the excessive accumulation of active oxygen in the human body causes various diseases.

<Major diseases resulting from active oxygen>

Cerebral infarction, cardiac infarction, arteriosclerosis, cancer, diabetes, atopic dermatitis

While an enzyme (superoxide dismutase, SOD) that breaks down active oxygen in the cell is produced in the human body, the ability of the body to produce the enzyme starts decreasing noticeably after age 40 (weakened immune system). The reason why the aforementioned diseases occur more frequently with age is due to the decreased effect of SOD. SOD effects measuring tests have shown that kakishibu has a strong positive effect on SOD, suggesting that the intake of kakishibu helps enhance SOD activity.

■ Blood pressure lowering effect

Since ancient times, kakishibu has been used in Chinese medicine and as a folk remedy. The chemical structure of kakishibu (persimmon juice) is similar to that of rutin. Rutin is widely used as a substance to prevent the aging of the capillaries and hypertension.

Since way before these scientific findings were made, kakishibu has been used throughout Japan.

■ Odor eliminating and antibacterial effects

Kakishibu has a strong odor eliminating effect. Moreover, it has an antibacterial effect against staphylococci and botulinum bacilli, which cause food poisoning, viruses, and streptococcus mutans that causes cavities.

■ Effect to prevent a hangover

Kakishibu creates an insolubilized substance by adsorbing to acetaldehyde that causes a hangover and sickness from drinking too much alcohol. It also curbs the absorption of alcohol through the gastric mucosa. Kakishibu prevents hangovers by controlling the absorption of acetaldehyde or alcohol into the body.

Power of Kakishibu

Polymeric tannin contained in kakishibu adsorbs formaldehyde and thereby reduces formaldehyde emissions.

Natural Coating

Since its inception in 1888, our company has engaged in the manufacture and sales of kakishibu. We have always provided high-quality products. We have been committed to manufacturing products that are healthy and safe for people and that can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. The conditions indispensable for ecological coatings are to use raw materials that are safe to eat and that do not interfere with the breathing of wood. Many of the traditional coatings suited for the unique Japanese climate have long been forgotten by people. In recent years, however, a fresh look has been taken at them—kakishibu is one of them. Today where a rational and functional society is being aggressively pursued, we aim to review Japanese culture anew and provide products that allow us to unleash our five senses in daily life.