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Kyoto,Yamashiro, Kakishibu

Southern area of Kyoto prefecter has been the one of the 3 historical major producer in Japan and its history started from Nara preiod (about 1300 years ago).
"Kakishibu" has been used in various scene in Japanese traditional life, as painting material, dyeing material and also fining agent in brewing process of Sake.

<Example of Applying Kakishibu As Paint>

Our products are often introduced in the professional journals for architects and on nationwide TV programs.
・Cultural properties and famous shrines and temples, such as the Higshi Hongan-ji in Kyoto.
・The Kyoto State Guest House and many other museums in Japan.

Our products are distributed to various kinds of customers, such as major homebuilding companies, architects in Japan and DIY personal customers.

Company Profile

Company Name Tomiyama Inc.
Foundation Aug, 1888
President Hiroyo Tomiyama
Address 6-5, Aso, Minamiokawara, Minamiyamashiro- mura , Soraku-gun, Kyoto, Japan
TEL +81-743-93-1017
FAX -81-743-93-0828
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