Odorless Kakishibu (persimmon juice) 1.8L

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This is an environmentally friendly, safe coating. Kakishibu can be handled by anyone and is a safe coating friendly to both people and the environment. It can be applied to a variety of materials, such as the wooden parts of a house, furniture, fabrics, paper, and bamboo.

Painted on board

Note) The color is somewhat different from the actual product.

As persimmon juice falls down in the place where water is hit outside,

after perspiration paint drying, rubbing with vegetable oil such as tung oil,

Oilseed, linseed oil and natural Eco wax give water repellency and durability.

Construction example

Natural Coating

It is important that coatings are safe for human health, have the least effect on the environment, and provide a sense of safety to users through proven track records.

- Purpose of wood coating

(1) To protect the surface of wood and add durability with antiseptic, insecticidal, and water resistant properties without interfering with the breathing of the wood.

(2) To enhance the appearance of wood by providing a consistent color and making stains less noticeable.

Kakishibu (persimmon juice) <for interior use>

Kakishibu of our company is a brown liquid made by fermenting kakishibu liquid with a high tannin concentration via microbes and aging it for a long period of time, just like other fermented food, such as sake, cooking wine, wine, soy sauce, and vinegar.

It is widely used on wood, bamboo, paper, and fabrics.

Applying kakishibu adds antiseptic, insecticidal, water resistant, and antibacterial properties to the surface of any material and makes chemicals, such as formalin, harmless.

Moreover, it does not have any adverse impact on the environment, such as the atmosphere, soil, and water quality.

◎How to apply kakishibu (*Coating area: When diluted with 1.8 liters of water, it can be applied to an area of about 20 m2 twice.)

(1) Dilute the undiluted kakishibu liquid with one or two parts water.

(2) Remove foreign matter and dust from the surface to which you want to apply the coat.

(3) Put some kakishibu liquid on a brush or waste cloth and apply it in a specific direction (wipe drippings and air bubbles off the surface with a waste cloth.).

(4) After drying well, repeat the process of applying the coating several times.

(5) When applied to surfaces exposed to water, such as exterior walls, kakishibu may run off. Therefore, apply plant oil, such as Chinese wood oil, perilla oil, and linseed oil, or Natural Eco Wax after the kakishibu coat dries. It will add water repellency and durability to the surface. When water repellency decreases, apply plant oil or Natural Eco Wax for maintenance purposes.


(1) Since our company's kakishibu is not diluted with water, it may turn into a gel. Please dilute the leftover kakishibu with water and store in a cool, dark place.

(2) Since kakishibu reacts chemically with iron and turns black, do not use an iron container, but a plastic container, such as a plastic bucket.

(3) While kakishibu can be applied undiluted, it is better to dilute it with water since undiluted kakishibu tends to become uneven when applied.

(4) If the place where the kakishibu coating was applied is damp and likely to encourage mold growth, apply wood vinegar or bamboo vinegar over the kakishibu coat after it has dried.

(5) The kakishibu color does not come out clean right after application but becomes darker after a few months due to light and air oxidation. (→If you want to make the color of kakishibu come out right after application, you could use our Color Former Set or pigment extract.)

(6) If you use plant oil, burn the used waste cloth or dispose of it after washing it with detergent because a used oily waste cloth can cause a fire.

Other recommended coatings

★ Kakishibu + Kakishibu Coat G (four colors: kakishibu, ancient, persimmon, and black) Coating area: about 50 m2/2 kg

- With this coating, kakishibu applied to exterior surfaces does not run off but will provide the full effect.

- It is the best coating for exterior walls, wood decks, housing foundation (for antiseptic and insecticidal purposes), kitchens, and bathrooms.

- It is easy to apply (simply apply with a brush for water-based coatings in a specific direction).

*For usage instructions and points to note, please refer to the kakishibu Coat G leaflet.

★ A set of Kakishibu + Kakitomo <for interior use> Highly water resistant

- Easy to apply and quick to dry! All you have to do is to mix kakishibu and Kakitomo and apply it in a specific direction.

- This coating is good for places where you use a damp cloth to wipe and clean, such as floors.

*For usage instructions and points to note, please refer to the Kakitomo leaflet.

★ Set of Kakishibu + Color Former

- Mixing kakishibu and the color former and applying it in a specific direction will produce a natural kakishibu color in two days!

- This is the best product for those who wish to obtain the kakishibu color as quickly as possible.

*For usage instructions and points to note, please refer to the Color Former products.