Persimmon Tannin 100g

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Persimmon Tannin of Tomiyama <Quasi-Drug>

Kakishibu has been attracting public attention since NHK's TV program, Tameshite Gatten, broadcast the fact that kakishibu fights off the norovirus (on December 9, 2015)!

Protection against the norovirus by Tomiyama

Let's fight off the norovirus with persimmon tannin <quasi-drug>!

Tannin contained in kakishibu (persimmon tannin liquid) acts on the protein of the norovirus, hardens it, and arrests its growth!


All you have to do is to dissolve 5 g of Tomiyama's Persimmon tannin in 2 liter of hot water (60 to 70°C)!

(1) Moisten 5 g of Tomiyama persimmon tannin with some alcohol (sake, distilled spirits, etc.).

(2) Pour 1 liter of hot water (60°C to 70°C) into a two-liter container, such as a PET bottle, and add the moistened persimmon tannin to it.

(3) Shake the bottle well.

(4) Add another liter of hot water or water into the bottle and shake it well again. You now have a persimmon tannin solution!

Put some of the solution in a spray bottle and spray it over the places you want to disinfect.

It can also be used for hands, dishes, and toilet seats.

Moreover, it can be sprayed directly over food and used for gargling and drinking.

With the persimmon tannin solution, you can prevent the flu, bad breath via gargling, and even the distinctive body odor of old age!

A must-have item for this winter!


*This product (persimmon tannin) can be stored in a freezer for five years.

*The persimmon tannin solution in a plastic bottle should be stored in a refrigerator and used completely in one month.

*Please take heed so that your child does not play with this product.