Kakishibu Japanese paper

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There has been something called "Shibusupi" from olden times, persimmon juice and paper were indispensable to human life. It was simply processed with persimmon and paper, and it has been used for "paper clothes", "Kappa", "Odori (Yuton)", and so on. In the past, persimmon juice was used as a familiar material than now.

Even now, Ise style paper and the like are created by repetition of sun drying and room withering after pasting and laminating Japanese paper with persimmon juice, and it is used for dyeing (mold dyeing) ยท mold sculpture.

In addition, we ship persimmon juice to the production area of washi paper throughout the country.

I think that you can feel the new persimmon juice by persimmon thrush washi used in various places such as architecture.

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